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Vlog Ep. Three. I believe in vulnerability so much! It is necessary for a happy and fulfilled life. It is necessary for connection. But sometimes we can accidentally misuse it and it can be damaging to us. Sometimes we try to force a connection with someone by being vulnerable, or what we think is vulnerability, when it turns out that we don’t have the trust relationship built up with them that will support the level of vulnerability we are trying to reach. Social media is a place that is easy to overshare. We don’t have trust relationships with most people we share with on social media, so it often crosses that line into oversharing and can be damaging to us.

However, there are many people who benefit from our sharing. So we shouldn’t not share at all. Just be thoughtful about what you share and why. Are you sharing to earn some attention? To make people like you? Are you trying to force a deep connection with someone you don’t really trust yet or who doesn’t know you well enough to trust you? Are you sharing something really deep and personal and important to you? Share those things only with people who have earned your trust.