In this episode, Josh continues the conversation with Landon Baird about suicide awareness and prevention. They talk about parents and their role in preventing suicide and how they can best respond to their children who are feeling suicidal. They talk about shame and empathy and unconditional love and having an open line of communication without the fear of judgment or shame for their feelings.

Show Notes:

Suicide Prevention Organizations –

Nu Hope is a Utah-based organization dedicated to preventing suicide in Utah, working mostly through the public school system.

Nu Hope

Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national organization that you can call anytime for help, whether you are suicidal or you know someone who is. Their number is 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Crisis Text Line is a national organization that employs professionals trained to deal with any kind of crisis, not just suicide, but definitely suicide. This one is really nice because you can text them and they will be able to help.

Crisis Text Line