In this episode, Josh talks about his experience with anxiety and depression and the need for self-compassion. He talks about how important it is to not repress our negative emotions and to instead take an approach of patience and gentleness and unconditional love with ourselves, especially when we are experiencing anxiety and depression.

Show notes:

Love thyself – Matthew 22:39

2 Thoughts to “Anxiety & Depression – It’s Okay To Not Be Okay – Ep. 9”

  1. Thank you josh! You are great, I’ve been dealing with this lately, really firmly believing negative things about myself, like as if they are facts, I’ve been crying for days and exhausted and not sleeping well. I do allow myself to feel things. The hard part is being kind to myself because it actually feels like another conflict in my head of what is true and what is false. I usually want positivity to come from an external source, and sometimes it does but sometimes I still don’t believe it. Thanks for the reminders and validation. It’s good to hear your kind calm voice as well.

    1. Megan! So good to hear from you! Man I know how that goes. So sorry about that:( Through my experiences I’ve learned that things get so complex. Sometimes when I am feeling anxious and I try to allow myself to feel it and try to be really compassionate to myself it doesn’t help and even seems to make it worse. I think it’s probably because my mean-thinking habits are so deeply ingrained that it’s hard to get me to truly buy in or truly be compassionate to myself. But also sometimes it’s just simply because my reasoning brain is shut off and I literally can’t even process the concept of being compassionate because my brain doesn’t even understand what that means in the moment. It’s so frustrating and exhausting sometimes. I have experienced as I have just kept trying it over the last few years that it has improved though for me. Probably because it slowly changes thinking habits. But it just takes time and it’s really painful in the meantime. You are so awesome and I’m glad you commented! You are SO worthy of love and happiness. I testify to you that that is true. Even if you have a hard time believing it, it’s still true. And it means that God ALWAYS feels love for you. Because you are His daughter. And He wants you to ALWAYS feel that love. I just know that’s true!

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